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...whatcha eatin'?

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When I posted in my personal lj about my 2007 new year's resolutions, I had a lot of people agreeing with me. Why? I'm worried about my eating habits. I over eat. I eat lots of sugary snacks. I eat lots of breads and starches. I don't get vegetables too often. I eat out a lot. I don't exercise very much. My resolution was to be mindful of all of that and have the willpower to adjust my decisions accordingly. Will I succeed? Not on my own.

This community is based on the theory that PEOPLE BEHAVE WHEN OTHER PEOPLE ARE WATCHING.

Daily, (or every few days if you've been taking notes,) I invite you to join me here in posting a completely honest list of the food you've eaten that day. This should help you in two ways. When that list is in type face, there's no 'conveniently forgetting' those 3 pieces of pie. You can head off your EATER'S REMORSE before it can camp out in your brain. Also? This is a community. Not only do YOU see what you eat, but your friends see it too.

Good Habits via SHAME?! ...it works for religion...

Heh, really. We're all here WITH each other and FOR each other. When some one does well? We clap; we cheer; we do happy flips of joy. When some one messes up? We acknowledge it. We do not rub it in or mock them--chances are, they're already pretty embarassed. We want to be SUPPORTIVE. We do not let mess ups pass without comment, but the comment will be one of encouragement for doing better the next day.

Post and Tell Us
What you ate today.
If you accomplished an awesome feat of willpower.
If you managed to get some kind of exercise.
How many days in a row you've managed to stay mindful of what passed through your lips.
If you have any recipes to share.
If you need encouragement, or tips... we're struggling along right beside you!

No Posts about your WEIGHT, please! This community is for encouraging healthy habits, not counting pounds, ounces, or clothing sizes. If you can be mindful of your ACTIONS, your weight will adjust accordingly. So tell us what you have DONE. Not what you measure.

Thank you for reading about this community, and I welcome you to join us.

Good Luck, everyone!